Frequently Asked Questions

We have highlighted some of our most frequently asked Customer questions to assist you in purchasing your Actv8 towel for motion. If you feel like you cannot find the answer to your question, please reach out via the Contact Us page or email Vicki at

Product FAQ's

Your Actv8 towel is made from 85% recycled polyester plus 15% Nylon.

There are no less than 8 recycled bottles used in bouth our eco hooded and classic Actv8 towels and no less than 4 in the mini eco Actv8 towels. 

This is a multi-functional towel that can be used for a variety of purposes. Most importantly, it has a 48cm Zip, 20cm depth, that you can unzip and then place over the top of your car seat. This prevents your towel from slipping down the seat.  Your Actv8 towel is 150cm in length and 70cm in width and does an excellent job covering your car seat. You should leave a little slack in the towel as you sit down. This ensures you do not pull tight on the zip when you sit. 

Our customers like to use the Actv8 hooded car towel for a variety of reasons. Many people participate in a lot of outdoor activities. If you are going to the gym, you can use it as a towel or place it over the seats/benches of the gym equipment. When you run, surf, or swim, you can make a fast escape sweaty or wet, just by placing your Actv8 car hood over the car seat.   

And if you want a few other suggestions for your Actv8 Car Hooded towel: It’s fantastic for your hot car seat in summer, as a car seat protection cover for kids, adults, and pets. Great for after applying fake tan, or just to accessorise your car seats.   

If you go for a swim at the beach, you can place your keys, and accessories in your zipped pocket and keep them protected and if you decide you do not need to use it for a car seat cover, do the zip-up and just use it as a normal towel.   

The large echo hooded and the classic towels are70cm x 150cm. The Actv8 hooded towel weighs 400g and the classic weight is 330g.  The mini towel is 45cm x 100cm.   

We have 15 beautiful designs to choose from and come with a large, zipped pocket to go over the hood of your car seat. We have designed the Actv8 towels with a sporty, pastel colour palette.  

Our Talle design is one of my favourite places, the most beautiful Tallebudgera Creek.

In our Mini Eco towels are available in 7 designs. These towels are 45cm x100cm and have a hood to go over the gym equipment and a zip pocket to store accessories.

For best care, machine-wash on a cold gentle cycle. Wash separately before use and hang it out to dry to keep your towel in top shape.

General FAQS 

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Please enter a valid discount code during the checkout process. Please note, you can only use one discount code per order, and can only be used on full-priced items. Most discount codes are for single use only. Please enter discount codes into the PROMO CODE field at checkout. 

We would love to see our products in your world. Even more amazing would be seeing our Eco Actv8 hooded range, driving ‘in motion’  with you on your journey. Simply tag us @actv8_ So we can see your post and stories! We cannot wait to see them. 

Standard Delivery (2-8 days): 

$5.99 up to 0.5kg. 

$799 up to 1kg

$9.99 up to 3kg

Australia Post Express (1-3days)

$9 up to 0.5kg

$11.50 up to 1kg

$14 up to 3kg.  


To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition, you received it.  It must also be in the original packaging, and we will do our absolute best to accommodate you.

The answer is a definite YES!

We believe you are your pet’s best friend. So Actv8 encourages you to treat yourself and your pet well when purchasing your towel. When your Actv8 towels are in motion, twinning could be the key. Remember, your pet deserves the same things you like.