Eco Friendly Beach Towels Australia Eco Friendly Beach Towels Australia

Actv8 Loves Our Planet

Each towel is made with, up to 8 plastic bottles
Gym Towel

Made For Motion

That's our motto and we live by it

About Actv8

Passionate about being active, most days, you'll find me boxing, surfing or hiking. To me, exercise is freedom of the mind, body and soul.
Unfortunately, with exercise, comes that sweaty, uncomfortable ride home. It's a real issue! I hated the idea of lugging around a big beach or bath towel every time I exercised, so I did what most of us do and I went out and bought a variety of Microfibre, Suede and Polyamide towels. Frustratingly, these small, unabsorbent towels never performed the way I wanted them to and they constantly slipped down my car seat too. In the end they were just another ineffective towel and not fit for purpose.

My solution was creating a towel that was designed for action or what I like to say "made for motion". 

So how is the Actv8 Eco towel different?

With a Zipped Hood/Accessory Pocket I can place it over my car seat, securing it in place and preventing it from slipping down my car seat; keeping it free from, perspiration after a boxing session, salt and sand after surfing and dirt after hiking. It also protects me from the scorching leather of my car seat, in summer.

Designed with a dual purpose, I can also use the Zipped Hood/Accessory Pocket to keep my valuables safe when I'm exercising and sand-free when I'm on the beach.

The Actv8 towel is lightweight, sand resistant, highly absorbent, cool, compact, quick dry, stylish and designed right here in Australia. So it is 100% fit for purpose.

AND the best part is that Actv8 towels are Eco-Friendly and made from recycled plastic bottles. This is my way of ensuring that I do, my bit, for the planet too.

Gym Towel

Absorbent & Quick Drying

Eco Friendly Beach Towels Australia

Sand Resistant & Lightweight

Eco Friendly Towels Australia

Eco Friendly & Sustainable

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